Since its establishment, the department has been keen to be a source of quality products and high specifications as its products are imported from Spain, Italy, India, China.

The main characteristic of the institution is also the continuation of varieties and colors so that all the quantities required from any sample desired by the customer.

Credibility is the motto of the institution in its dealings with customers so as to provide its customers with the best services and latest products that meet the needs of their projects, whether commercial, residential or other.

The distinctive bouquet of exhibits offered by Amdat Saradak Ceramics  Estates varies from indoor and outdoor ceramics swimming pool ceramics and accessories.
So that excellence in quality and varieties has become the motto of the institution.

In order to be easy for customers to communicate with the institution and to benefit from all new has been opened the new exhibition located in Jubail - Dhahran (bridge Sihat Nabiyeh), which is wonderful offers paper so as to facilitate the customer to choose what suits him easily and conveniently.